This new series, Can we talk? began as a summer project where I often explore a new art style or medium. This summer I decided to tackle pop art. I was inspired by the artist Claes Oldenburg (whose sculptures I often pass by in the 14th street subway station in NYC), Takashi Murakami and, to some extent Jeff Koons. Using my many characters and motifs I combined fantasy, surrealism and to some degree- figurative and internal landscapes.  
My intent is to show a dialog between my new characters who are designed to be cute yet melancholic.  They started as a pen and ink drawing for a new ceramic lachelmachle design and after a request for a commissioned piece based on the drawing, the idea just took off.  
Can we talk? is an exploration in conversation and, as often is the case  in conversation, these creatures have no mouths (are muted) and they have no ears (not listening) but they are trying to communicate, no matter how flawed they are.